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Friday, December 05, 2008

Sunset at Green Cay

Here's a photo from our recent vacation to Boynton Beach, Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday. We went for a late-afternoon stroll at Green Cay Wetlands (Cay is pronounced "key") and happened to be in the perfect position to catch the sunset. It was November 25, 2008, and this is what it looked like. Click on the photo to make it bigger.

Nota bene: I'm on Twitter now. If you care to follow, my username is VictorOzols. Very creative, I know. You can find my Twitters/tweets/whatever they call that stuff here.

Also, I recently started writing for a travel website called, and have a "content channel" called - big surprise - New York City Diary. My Momondo stuff can be found here. is a good place to find cheap airfares, so if you're flying somewhere, give it a look. It might save you some time and money.

And I'm still the weekend editor at, and here is an archive of my stuff.

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