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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Trying to Keep Up

Oof, sorry for the lack of updates. I imagine lots of blog posts begin this way, but I've just been busy as all get out. Here's a photo of Zachary and me from earlier today. He's a photogenic young man. Work's been busy, work outside of work has been busy, I'm still hitting the dojo twice a week or so, still seeing friends on occasion, still spending quality time with Jenn and Zachary, still doing everything. It's all good, if a bit tiring. A vacation would be nice, but that's not in the cards for the intermediate future.

It's Saturday night, and Jenn has gone out to meet some friends. I'm staying home with Zachary, and he is currently having a big conversation with himself, saying wooo, and aaaaaah, mmmmm, and oohhh. It's pretty cute, he definitely seems to have something on his mind, and he really thinks he's talking about it, we're just too dim to get what he's saying. Occasionally he gets fed up that nobody understands him. Perhaps he's an artist.


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lovely father son portrait!

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