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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rear Window, Brooklyn

It's raining like crazy in New York today. I went out earlier to get bagels and groceries and got soaked to the bone. It's rainy, and windy, and the temperature is 45 F. Still, it was nice to get out of the house, clear the cobwebs out of the attic, etc. Water was running along the gutters like a mountain stream in the springtime. The subway was running okay, at least mine was, but area airports have cancelled hundreds of flights. Score 1 for the subway.

This is a photo I call Rear Window, Brooklyn. I wanted to get some kind of perspective on today's weather, and since it was raining too hard to really take the camera outside, I took this photo from the safety of the bedroom. Still a bunch of rain got in while I had the window open and I had to wipe off Jenn's copy of Pride and Prejudice on my shirt. The book's fine, the shirt can be washed. Anyway, here's what the backsides of apartment buildings look like in Williamsburg, Brooklyn when it's raining.

If I have time tonight I'm going to polish and waterproof my new Doctor Marten boots.


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