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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Boynton Beach

Jenn, Zachary and I recently returned from a trip to Boynton Beach, Florida to visit Jenn's mom and stepdad. Other than our flight being delayed about 27 hours on the way down there, everything went well and Zachary was a good little traveler, not fussy at all on the plane or in the airport.

We did a bunch of fun things while we were in Boynton Beach, and one of the most memorable was a walk through the Green Cay Wetlands. The 100-acre park is teeming with wildlife: we saw bugs and fish and turtles and all kinds of birds and even an alligator. There's a 1.5-mile-long elevated boardwalk that goes through it, just watch out for bird poop on the railing.

The bird in the above photo is a crane or a tern or a chicken or something. I kept sort of hoping that an alligator would come and chomp him, but it didn't happen. Click the photo to make it bigger.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Manhattan-Bound F Train

It is snowing like crazy in New York right now, so hard, in fact, that our flight to Florida tonight just got cancelled. That's a shame. Just when you need the sunshine the most, you can't get to it.

So, anyway, sorry for the lack of posts of late. I'm sure it's a familiar refrain, but taking care of a baby (and the extra freelance work required to pay for everything) has whittled down my blogging time to almost nil. And, as much as my mother might appreciate it, I can't just keep putting up baby pictures all the time. This blog is supposed to be about life in New York.

The photo above depicts one moment in our New York life. Click on it to make it big. Last Sunday we (Jenn, Zach, and I) visited our friends (Jen and Steve and their new twins) in Park Slope, a Brooklyn neighborhood south of Williamsburg, where we live. Park Slope is located near Prospect Park, and the whole neighborhood slopes downward toward the west. Hence the name. While we were there, Steve and I snuck away to have a beer at a historic Irish bar called Farrell's. To read my Gridskipper entry about Farrell's, click here.

In order to get to Jen and Steve's place, we had to take the G train from Metropolitan Avenue/Lorimer Street and then transfer to the F train. I took this photo where we made the transfer, at an above-ground station called Smith-9th Street. It captures a Manhattan-bound F train pulling out of the station, with lower Manhattan in the background. If this was pre-2001, you would definitely be able to see the Twin Towers in the distance.

As for our trip out of town, we're still figuring out what to do. Since we can't control the weather (yet) we'll just make the best of it. In any case, it's Friday.