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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Back to City Life

The company holiday party was last night, and it was lots of fun. I felt a wee bit guilty leaving Jenn at home all alone to take care of Zachary, so after a couple of beers and some snacks I headed back to Brooklyn. Here's a view from one of the three floors the party was held on. I don't get a view of Manhattan like this very often. It's probably best if I don't write too much on the subject, except to say we all had a lovely time.

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Blogger Jennifer said...

Don't feel guilty. We were just fine at home. I'm glad you got to enjoy the fine view and beer selection (and I got to enjoy the photos).

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Veronika said...

Thank You for the picture and the thought but really,if it made you happy to experience the magnificent view I am happier for you.Might have been quiet a picture of you with Zach in your arms,looking at the apartment and office lights.:-)Princess Caroline was photographed at one of her parties by Lagerfeld wheh she was standing out on the balcony of her residence,just gazing at the beautiful sunset over the ocean like the last drops of an ice-cream cone,holding her formaly dressed babygirl and having her young son standing by.When you think someone's missing out on seeing what you see,they are not.Love does magic and anybody can be a magician.Take care of each other

3:55 AM  

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