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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Wilds of New York City

I took this picture last week from the window of my office on the 21st floor of the Hearst Tower to show that we have trees in the city as well, and their leaves change color just like trees anywhere. Since we moved into this fancy new building, I've been able to monitor the seasons just by looking out over the tree canopy that blankets Central Park. I think we are in peak foliage period now. I like how you can see a person in the apartment building on the left also lost in thought, looking out over the park. It's a nice view, and it's also pretty amazing to be right in the middle of the weather when a storm rolls in.

Our son is expected to arrive on Saturday, if he keeps to the schedule. The house is ready and we've got all the baby stuff we need (as far as we know) so now there's nothing left to do but wait. Jenn is feeling good and I am feeling nervous but good. It helps that I've been really busy so I'm not able to psyche myself out. I imagine the next post in this space will include a baby picture. Wish us luck!


Anonymous Steve said...

Good luck! It's difficult to describe how wonderful those first few moments are, but then it's get better. Well, actually, it initially gets worse because the first three months are hell -- all of which you will discover yourself.

7:07 PM  

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