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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Technical Difficulties

The reason I haven't posted in a dog's age is that my internet connection at home has bitten the dust, and home is where I blog. I'm dreading next Wednesday morning, when the technicians from my cable company are coming to fix it "between 8:00 and 12:00." I dislike Time Warner Cable, but have no real alternatives in my area. Their technicians are always late, always rude, and always do sloppy work. And they simply do not care, nor do their corporate overlords. In other industries, if you delivered such terrible service you'd be drummed out of town, but again, there are no real alternatives. So please bear with me. It should be fixed by next week.

In the meantime, here's a photo I took from the top of Santorini, a beautiful Greek island. The amoeba-shaped island in the center is Nea Kameni, which is really a volcano. This view, or variations on this view, can be found everywhere in the travel press. As for my life, it's good, and I'll post a real update soon.


Blogger allison said...

good to see you blog i was getting worried bout you! and missin my favorite blogs!! i hate to hear that bout your cable! we have a private cable company in our town and we have direct tv, which by the way we love! then there is the time warner(last choice of ours) for just the reason you give. we had dealing with them in the town we leaved in 5 years ago and it was the worst service we had ever had!! never again will that be our choice! thank goodness for other options in the town we are in now!! good look hope all turns out well! the crosbys

11:57 PM  

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