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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ripping up the Road

There was a low rumbling sound when I woke up this morning, and it wasn't my stomach. At first I thought it was from the ongoing work going on in the apartment next door (they've been smashing and banging things all week) but I was wrong. Actually, a road crew was in the process of tearing up Leonard Street. It was quite a suprise when I walked out the front door to see that there was no longer a street there. All the cars where gone, and the big scary machines pictured above were scraping and sucking up the street. Fortunately, I do not own a car (haven't owned one, in fact, since 1992), so it doesn't affect me much, but it was still a bit odd. The street wasn't even in particularly bad shape before, but I guess they're gonna do what they're gonna do with our tax dollars.

So I continued my walk to the subway. On my way I snapped this picture below of a newly-built apartment building that appears to be just about ready for occupancy. If you would like to buy a place there, too bad. The building is sold out. Each unit went for 3 gajillion dollars. That's the new Williamsburg for you.


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Did you book the tickets yet??


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