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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sunny Day in January

It's a beautiful day in New York. I felt a little crummy when I woke up but as soon as I stepped out the door and felt the sun on my face I felt great. Of course, the warm weather (it's 52 degrees Fahrenheit, 11 Celcius, at 1:00 p.m.) is a bit unseasonable. The average high for today is 38 F (3 C) and the average low is 26 F (-3 C) so you can see we are up there, temperature-wise. But enough about global warming. It's a wonderful day to be outside. I wanted to take a picture of something in sunshine, so when I saw these two old ladies in front of Saldo Drugs on Graham Avenue via Vespucci I pulled out the camera.

I was taking a walk to get some late breakfast from an Italian delicatessen called Bella Donna. It's a great old place that serves excellent food, from chicken parmesan to cold cuts (try the Godfather sandwich) to a wide variety of olives and stuffed peppers. It's not as good as my landlady Blanche's food, but it's still very yummy. In the past it has been called Mama Maria and Cono (one of several places in the neighborhood named Cono) but the new ownership seems to offer the same foods as before, which is good.

On my way back home I passed the infamous Store I Hate, and I liked how the light was hitting what I thought until recently were eucalyptus leaves. Can anyone identify these plants? And do you think they are naturally that color, or are they dyed like carnations are sometimes? Anyway, you can click on the pretty picture to make it big.

I walked home on Conselyea Street and noticed this lion, which reminded me of how I felt in the morning, so I shot the lion. With my camera.


Anonymous Michelle said...

Hey, you are correct. Those are eucalyptus leaves but the fancy colors are paint or dyes. They will turn the water in the vase funky colors too. Out here in CA (of course) they started selling painted pointsettias too.

10:41 PM  

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