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Friday, December 09, 2005

Panda Face Cookies Part VI

After several rerun cartoons, I have a new Sakusaku Panda cartoon for you. If Miki is out there, I would appreciate help in translating this. Thank you. I can only make the vaguest attempt at a guess about what these pandas are saying. The hat is protecting a broken-off chocolate panda ear, perhaps? Broken off and gift wrapped, maybe? You can click on the image to enhance your panda experience.

The previous panda face cookie cartoons can be found here: one two three four five.

These pandas remind me of Butterstick (scroll down), the world's cutest baby panda. Here's Butterstick's blog.

Tonight Jenn and I went to the Argentinian consulate on 56th Street for a benefit for an organization called ProyectArte that helps teach art skills to young people in Buenos Aires. We had a nice time and drank some wine and ate a few empanadas. There was an exhibition of Tango dancing, and the dancers and musicians were excellent.


Anonymous Miki said...

My friend actually got this same comic in his box of panda cookies. (And I got a much weirder one where the female panda is trying to brighten her skin and her skin brightner is half chocolate.)

1. Girl Panda: Have some chocolate.
Boy Panda: Yay!
2. (BP notices the hat covering his girlfriend's chocolate ear.)
3. BP thinking: It can't be! Did she break off her ear and stuff it in the box?
4. BP: thanks. That's okay.
GP thinking:

;) That was the best way I could think of to translate the girlfriend's puzzlement as to why he suddenly went from excitement to "no chocolate for me."

6:06 PM  
Blogger Bette said...

ooo…I love pandas. Here I bought a cuddly panda bag (L) that I can hardly put it down! I believe it is a GREAT find for every panda fanatic! hkpanda.freetzi. com

9:42 AM  

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