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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Muay Thai

Last night after work I met up with a few friends, including Mike, Eric, and John, and went to an amateur boxing and Muay Thai exhibition held in a large hall on 60th Street and Columbus Avenue. (One of the sponsors was Scratch DJ Academy, which provided the soundtrack to the evening.) It was a cold and windy night in the city but I didn't have to walk far from my office (on 58th and Broadway) to get there.

The event was called Friday Night Fights NYC and the matches were quite enjoyable. The traditional boxing matches came first. By way of comparison, I have seen Golden Gloves events a number of times before, and my immediate impression was that the Golden Gloves fighters were cleaner and more strategic, while last night's fighters were a bit looser but possibly more energetic.

The main reason I was there was to watch the Muay Thai, which was excellent. I won't go into too much detail here because I'll be posting about the event on Gridskipper on Monday, [Update: Gridskipper entry here.] but I will say that I was geniunely impressed by the Muay Thai fighters' skills, spirit, and demeanor. The photo above shows a Muay Thai fighter meditating in the corner before his match.

And the photo below is an action shot of the same fighter squaring off against his opponent. I'm sorry the photos are blurry, but I wasn't permitted to use a flash. Just look at them as artistic interpretations of the action. I'll have a professional photo for my Gridskipper entry.

Today is Saturday, and I'll be doing some kickboxing of my own at my regular 4:00 p.m. kumite class, in less than two hours.


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