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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fredericksburg, Virginia

After opening our presents on Christmas morning (afternoon) Jenn and I were antsy, so I borrowed my mom's Camry and we went for a short drive to the historic Civil War town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. I spent the latter part of my childhood in Stafford, Virginia, and Fredericksburg was the closest "real" town, so that's where we would go for movies or shopping or just hanging out. We called it "Frednecksburg" but then, what were we? We young Staffordians aspired to be Frednecks. Now that I've lived in New York for so long towns like Fredericksburg seem really small and quiet. It's a nice break from the hustle and bustle but I do tend to go batty pretty quick. The photo above is of Jenn standing in front of a pharmacy and soda fountain called Goolrick's on Caroline Street in Fredericksburg's old town.

The weather was rainy earlier in the day but it cleared up just as we started walking. I liked how the winter sunlight was hitting this mid-19th century building so I shot it.

Fredericksburg is a very pretty Southern town with lots of charm and a few quirks. In recent years a number of art galleries, restaurants, and shops have opened in the downtown area. This old building below now houses a coffee shop.

And here is a photo of a pool hall. All of these buildings date from the mid- to late-1800s.

We walked around for a few minutes and then drove back to my parents' house in Stafford, where we had dinner and then watched the Dog Whisperer. That guy really has a way with pooches.


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