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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Panda Face Cookies Part V

Ask and you shall receive. Here's the latest and greatest Sakusaku Panda cartoon. Click on it to make it big. Thanks Miki for all your translations, and thanks Carla for the valiant attempt. As a regular subway commuter I can relate to today's cartoon, but I could still use your help and best guesses as to exactly what facet of transit life these pandas are discussing. My guess is that once the train car got really crowded the pandas melted on each other. That can happen when you're made of chocolate.

We are now going to walk out to Bedford Avenue and watch the New York City Marathon. I'm going to shoot some pictures and make some observations, so please check out Gridskipper tomorrow (Monday) for a brief posting on the subject.


Anonymous Miki said...

Let's see what Sakusaku Panda has in store for us this time!

1. The Sakusaku Railroad train car...
2. ...has strict regulations on how many people can ride at one time.
3. This is because, if the car is completely packed...
4. ...the chocolate melts, and their body parts get stuck to other people!

Nice job! And you've never been crushed in a train car until you've been to Japan and had someone commit suicide on the tracks ahead of you, causing the trains to become delayed, and thus, overcrowded with the people supposed to be riding plus the people who should have gotten onto the previous train. (That was a long sentence.)

10:48 AM  

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