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Thursday, November 17, 2005

New York Horse

I was waitlisted for a flu shot at work, and this afternoon I got the call, so I hurried over to the 55th Street building and got the shot from a very friendly doctor. On my walk back from getting shot I shot this photo (so much shooting in New York) of a carriage horse at the corner of 57th and Broadway. I think the camera's fill-in flash startled the horse, because it started clomping into the oncoming traffic on Broadway. Fortunately the driver tugged on the reigns and calmed the horse down. Sorry, horsie!

The next photo shows scaffolding going up around 2 Columbus Circle, the controversial building that begs the question "should ugly buildings be given landmark status?" Supposedly it represents very well the thinking in architectural design during that era (1964). When it first opened it housed the Gallery of Modern Art, which displayed the collection of Huntington Hartford, heir to the founder of A&P Supermarkets. Over the years it has housed a number of different things, but mostly it has languished for lack of a good purpose.

Jokingly referred to as The Lollipop Building, many people, myself included, can't really decide if they like it or not. Some ugly things are actually kind of cute (pugs), and I think 2 Columbus Circle fits that category. I wrote about and photographed it in this post and this post.

I can see from reading the constantly-updated Wikipedia that 2 Columbus Circle is to be renovated and occupied by the Museum of Art and Design. We'll see how much the building is altered. Of course they had to do something with it because the rest of the area around Columbus Circle (and Columbus Circle itself) has been improved dramatically in the past two years. It stuck out like a sore (grimy white) thumb. It always has been weird to have that building there, almost completely unoccupied for all these years. There's usually a security guard in the lobby and a few dim light bulbs flickering in a very dated-looking pipe latticework-style light fixture. Sometimes a guy sets up a bicycle rental area next to the building on Broadway.


Anonymous Miki said...

You think yours is bad? Check out this monstrosity.

Otherwise known as the Disney Concert Hall. Located in downtown Los Angeles, five minute walking distance from Little Tokyo, it is the most horrendous thing ever. The guy really did use a crumpled up piece of paper as the model. Some parts of it have had to be sand blasted because so many people have complained about getting blinded while driving due to the reflected sun light.

I have to pass this thing ever single weekend. The pictures do not do it justice. It's several times more horrifying in real life.

12:55 AM  

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