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Friday, November 25, 2005

New York Coffee Cup

Good morning and happy Black Friday everybody. I was going to title this post Black Friday but it wouldn't be appropriate, since I'm not going anywhere near a retail store today (actually that's a lie, I just bought some sponges from the dollar store).

Since I did go to David's Bagels for breakfast, however, I thought I'd take a photo of the famous Greek-style coffee cup I drank my coffee out of on the subway (illegally).

I think these take-out coffee cups originated in Greek diners in New York City years ago. There are several different versions of the Greek coffee cup, and here's a link where you can see a few of them.

From David's I got scrambled eggs with bacon on an onion bagel. It was divine. When you order an egg sandwich before 11:00 a.m. it comes with coffee and a little (like six ounce) box of orange juice. I ate my eggwich and drank my juice at a table in David's, and then I took my coffee with me on the subway ride back to Kings County, a.k.a. Brooklyn. As I sat on the subway with nothing to read I was digging the coffee cup, and thinking about what a New York institution that type of coffee cup is. I should add that the coffee David's Bagels makes is excellent. Nothing fancy, but very expertly prepared.

Here's another view of the cup, showing a rendition of a priceless Greek vase.

I've got the day off work, but Jenn is in the office today. With my free time I'm going to take a daytime karate class, followed by a meditation class. Then I'll come home and clean the house, or make overtures toward same. Here's a link to another coffee cup entry.


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