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Monday, November 21, 2005

Darwin's Delight

Yesterday (Sunday) Jenn and I went to the new Darwin exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We had to kill an hour before we were allowed into Darwin so we strolled around for a while, first looking at stuffed elephants and okapis, and then making our way to Asian cultures. I enjoyed the Samurai warrior and the Shinto shrine.

Darwin was quite impressive. The exhibit contained his notebooks and sketches and all manner of experiments, but naturally people were riveted by the live tortoise, iguana, and horned frog. (I was fond of the blue-footed boobies for obvious reasons.) I wrote an entry about the exhibit for Gridskipper, which you can find here. After you've read my entry, poke around the rest of the site, for it is a fine site. (Click on where it says Gridskipper on top to get to the main blog.)

I think the curators of Darwin put together a very courageous exhibit, given the current attacks on evolution by the anti-science crowd. There are no apologies and no hedging, just the scientific method and the results it has yielded. There is, however, an area where researchers discuss the controversy and how it's even possible for a scientist to have faith.

(You can click on the photo above to make it bigger and scarier.)

We were tired after evolving (and devolving) through so many eras, so we went home to Brooklyn and got pizza at Sal's. Sal's Pizza represents the height of human achievement.


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