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Friday, November 11, 2005

Chocolatology 101

Happy Friday, everbody. Sorry I've been slack in updating, but my evenings this week were spent in the company of my co-workers at fun work-related events I'd best not blog about. Suffice it to say my colleagues are smart, attractive, and kind to people and animals.

I can write about last night, however. Jenn, her marathon-finishing friend Beth, and I went to the opening of a Michel Cluizel chocolate boutique in the always-trippy ABC Carpet & Home shop on Broadway and 19th Street. What makes this shop unique is its full bar. Supposedly it's the first fancy chocolate shop in the city with a liquor license, which means you can pair the finest chocolates with the finest boozes: Rum, whiskey, champagne, cognac, armagnac (any 'gnac you can think of) and more.

It was crowded and fun, and to celebrate the opening there was unlimited chocolate and champagne. My head started to buzz pretty early and not only because of the booze. I like chocolate as much as the next guy, but I'm not used to so much sugar in such a short amount of time.

Here's a photo of the party.

After all the speechifying and toasting, Jenn and Beth went to get dinner at a place called Pipa while I went home to take care of business and not spend money. Jenn got home after midnight and is feeling a bit sluggish today.

Check out my entry on Gridskipper here, please.

We don't have any serious recreational plans for the weekend, but I do have a few freelance projects I need to make some headway on, so I reckon I'll do that, at least for a while. Happy weekend, everybody, and please check out Miki's translation of the latest Panda Face Cookie Cartoon below.


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