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Saturday, October 01, 2005

New Store

It's 7:11 p.m. on Saturday. On my way back from kumite class today I exited the subway at Metropolitan and Union and noticed that a new store that they've been building for a while has finally opened. It's called Sarnac Natural Food Market. It's a huge health/hipster food store. There's a full deli, with hot and cold food, a brick oven area, and aisles and aisles of soy crisps. Basically it's a larger and more modern version of Hana Foods on Metropolitan Avenue, which in turn is a larger and more modern version of The Store I Hate on Graham.

Jenn and I will take a longer stroll through the brand new Sarnac store soon. It is located on Union Avenue between Metropolitan Avenue and Keap street, across the Street from Kellogg's Diner.

I got out at Metropolitan because I was going to walk to Beverage World to buy a case of seltzer and some beer. On the way there I spotted this woman with an interesting papoose-type carrier to carry the child. Check it out.

I thought this was an interesting view, taken facing northwest from Meeker Avenue, framed by the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE). The onion-domed Orthodox church on the right is the one featured in the Latvian Orthodox episode of Seinfeld, when George converts to the Latvian Orthodox faith to impress a woman. The real church isn't Latvian. That's the Chrysler Building on the left, of course.

Finally I had arrived at Beverage World.

It was heavy carrying a case of seltzer and a 12-pack of beer along with my gi and fight gear from Beverage World to our house, but, relative to kumite, it was a breeze.

Jenn and I have just enjoyed some dinner, and we'll be leaving for the Brass Monkey shortly for the birthday festivities. Today I installed the software and charged up the new HP Photosmart R707 digital camera (pictured below, without sticker) that Jenn so excellently gave me, so I'll bring it to the bar tonight. If there are any photos suitable for posting you'll see them here. Chow for now.


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