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Sunday, October 09, 2005


It's Sunday night. Jenn is in New Jersey visiting her mom and I'm holding down the fort in Brooklyn. The weather is much cooler today than it has been for the past couple of days.

Today I went for a run in McCarren Park. The park has a brand new track and soccer field. The track is made of a modern, springy material that's really easy on your joints even if you don't have good running shoes. It's a pleasure to run on that track now. The soccer field is covered with Astroturf, which is a big improvement over the crabgrass and loose dirt that teams played on before.

Even when the field was in poor condition soccer teams comprised of people of various nationalities would play games there. Today while I was running I watched a "football" match between Ireland and Poland. In the photo above the Irish players are wearing the green-and-white striped shirts, while the Polish players are wearing blue and white.

The Irish players had great accents. I heard one guy repeatedly encouraging his teammates by saying "Come on, lads!"

The two teams seemed very evenly matched, and while I did not stay until the end, I saw each team score one goal apiece.

I ran a few laps, maybe two miles in total, and then came home to tidy up the house and read the newspaper. Later in the afternoon I went into Manhattan to deposit a check. Now I'm back at home and half watching the Yankees-Angels playoff game.

The weekend was fun. Last night Penelope and Mike came over for a visit and we had a very nice time. Here's another soccer photo.

[Update: Yankees win! This development pleases me.]


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