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Monday, September 05, 2005

Garden City

We've had a busy and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend. The weather has been absolutely perfect, with clear, sunny skies, light breezes, low humidity and mild temperatures. Rather than recount every move I've made since my last posting, I'll just pick up at yesterday's cookout in Long Island.

Our friends Marty and Carolynne invited us out to a Labor Day weekend cookout in the town of Garden City, New York, which is on Long Island. Carolynne's parents have a nice house out there and they let her and Marty use it while they were away on a trip.

Jenn and I took the Long Island Rail Road to the New Hyde Park station, where Marty met us (pictured above right). Our train was clean and air conditioned. The seats were comfortable and the ride was smooth. An LIRR train has a much smoother ride than the New York City subway, to which I am much more accustomed. Even the newest and most modern subway cars bounce around like crazy. The LIRR train was really nice, and we got good seats facing forward. It was an enjoyable and brief (half hour) ride to the New Hyde Park station. It costs $12 for one round-trip ticket from Penn Station to New Hyde Park, off-peak, in case you were wondering.

Jenn, Marty, and I walked to the house, which is only about five minutes on foot from the train station. We greeted Carolynne, gave them a bottle of Pinot Noir from Argentina, and started eating. We didn't stop for a while, because all the food was so good. Hamburgers, hot dogs, marinated chicken breasts, Portobello mushroom caps, bruschetta, and much more.

We ate and hung around in the back yard. We haven't hung out in a green, leafy suburban setting for a long time, so it really felt like a break from our routine. There were several other people there, including (during the early part of the evening) a couple with three very cute young children.

I had brought a Frisbee, and convinced Jenn, Marty, and our friend Tom to take a walk to a nearby park for some casual Frisbee-tossing. At first they wanted to play on the street in front of the house, but that didn't work out too well.

Right after talking about how great I was at Frisbee, I let fly a horrible toss that sailed over the tall hedges and into a neighbor's house. It hit the back window with a thunk.

Sheepishly, like some six-year-old, I rang the doorbell on the house and asked if I could have my Frisbee back. Now that's something I haven't done in a while.

After that experience, we walked to a nearby park and had a good toss-around. The sun was just setting and it was very pleasant. On my last throw (which I over-threw), Tom slipped and got a grass stain on his jeans, which upset him. When we got back to the house Tom disappeared into the basement to pre-treat the stain. I guess he really liked that pair of jeans. Tom has written eight screenplays.

On the walk back to the house from the park we saw a bunny in someone's yard. At first we weren't sure if it was a real bunny or a fake bunny, but then he (or she) moved. Here's a picture of a fake bunny from Carolynne's parent's house.

As evening descended, we relaxed in the candle-lit back yard, drinking wine and beer and eating fine cheese. At around 10:20 p.m. we said our goodbyes and Marty walked us to the train platform, where I turned on the night shot feature and took a few silly photos.

This one shows the light from the train bearing down upon us.

And this was our train. We thanked Marty again and got on board.

We were back at our apartment in Brooklyn before midnight. It was a very nice time.


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