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Thursday, September 22, 2005

First Day of Autumn 2005

Happy first day of Autumn. Here's a picture of my dinner. This pizza roll with pepperoni and ham came from Sal's Pizza on Lorimer Street and cost two bucks. I got two of them and ate them while flipping between Survivor Guatemala and the Yankees - Orioles game. The Yanks are currently up 5-1, which pleases me.

It is Thursday night and I can't write much because I've got to pack for our trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey this weekend. After work tomorrow we will be taking a bus from New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal, arriving in Atlantic City at around 9:30 p.m.

Our friends Marty and Carolynne have a large hotel suite (a two-floor "penthouse suite") and generously invited us to take the other room. They're in Atlantic City to run a booth at a trade show called Knitting Universe: Stitches East 2005. Carolynne is a yarn dealer and owns a yarn store in Long Island. I'm about to learn a lot about yarn and knitting.

We don't have to work the booth or anything but I'm sure we'll stop by to lend them our support. Otherwise we'll enjoy ourselves in Atlantic City, walking on the boardwalk, dropping nickels into the slots, and visiting Lucy the Margate Elephant. Personally I am most excited about Lucy.

Of course I'll be bringing my camera and will post a full report on our trip when we return to "the city" so stay tuned. Please note that my next posting won't be until Sunday night at the earliest, because a blogging man needs some R&R every now and then.


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