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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Buena Vista

The weather was beautiful on this last day of summer so during my lunch break I took a short stroll through Central Park. It's nice to work near the park.

The street that defines the southern end of the vertical rectangle that is Central Park is called, appropriately, Central Park South. The apartment buildings on Central Park South that overlook Central Park are among the most expensive in the city. I zoomed in and shot this picture of some very fancy apartments about twenty stories above Central Park South. I like the colorful tiles, although they must be pretty treacherous to clean. Probably they hire people to clean them.

This is a view of the park with a few pigeons and a squirrel (not a rat) in the foreground.

I walked out of the park at Seventh Avenue. I've always liked the big archways in this building pictured below.

I noticed there were people on the terrace. Normally I don't see anybody up there but today somebody was having a smoke break. I zoomed in.

I headed back west and took this shot of people hanging out at Columbus Circle.

Tonight after work I went to black belt class and assisted in the ongoing black belt promotion (test). In the early part of the evening there was a children's group that we helped with. They were very good. When they finished the adult group came in, all wearing blindfolds from training with our blind program, which included being led through the streets of New York in complete darkness. I had to do it myself and remember it well.

It's Thursday night, and I've got to go to bed, but first I need to figure out what we need to bring with us on our trip to Atlantic City this weekend for the yarn convention. I'll explain later.


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