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Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Worn Path

I was just thinking that I really do have a set routine. I trace almost the same line from home in Brooklyn to work in Manhattan and back every day. There should be a groove in the pavement where I walk. There probably is a groove I've made over the last decade in New York, but it's obscured by the collective grooves of eight million other New Yorkers and assorted visitors.

I got home from work a few minutes ago, and guess where I picked up my dinner? That's right, Sal's Pizza on Lorimer Street. I love Sal's pizza, it's the best in the neighborhood, because they've got the best sauce and the best crust, and that's what you need for a good pizza pie. The rest is trimmings.

Tonight I only got a pizza roll with ham and pepperoni. It was still warm so I ate it as I walked home. It was delicious and only two bucks. After I ate it I paused on the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and Leonard Street and took a few pictures.

Our regular Chinese place, Family Garden, recently got a new awning and renovated the interior somewhat.

The bodega and fish monger are the same, however.

Richie, the bodega owner from Morocco, has been doing some minor renovation inside the store, but it's been going on for a while and I don't expect too much. His bodega is pretty standard. I buy milk and beer there. The basic items sold at an NYC bodega are: milk, beer, cigarettes, lighters, coffee in the Greek cups, candy, cheap cigars, chips, lottery tickets, and newspapers.

The sun had just set but I thought there was enough light left to capture a couple of decent images looking southwest toward lower Manhattan.

The blurry building with the greenish top in the center of this picture is the Woolworth Building, and the light-strung bridge in the foreground is the Williamsburg Bridge. You are looking down Metropolitan Avenue.

This next picture is a great work of art.

So now I'm home. Jenn is out to dinner with her friends. I'm weary as I sit here typing this. It was a busy day at work. Now I'm sinking into the chair. The air conditioner is humming because it's 89 degrees and muggy outside. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday.


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