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Monday, August 22, 2005

The Union Square Green Market

We had such an action-packed weekend that the task of properly blogging about it all is a little bit daunting. I'm going to break it into bite-sized pieces so I can deal with it bird by bird, so to speak.

On Saturday I followed my normal routine and went to kumite class at 4:00 p.m. On my way to class, however, I decided to get out of the subway early and walk through the Union Square Green Market to take a few pictures. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Pile of Radishes (above).

The title of this photo below is Hot Hot Hot, based on the signs above the pepper bins in the background.

I really like the Green Market. You can buy ingredients for an entire dinner there, including flowers and wine, and everything is certified organic and delicious. The prices are good too. You can tell the quality of the ingredients because chefs from some of New York's swankiest restaurants shop at the Green Market.

Here are some pretty flowers.

I just like this picture of tomatoes.

I left the Green Market and walked up Broadway to 23rd Street. I kept trying to get a good angle of the Empire State Building. What do you think of this one? The building on the left side of the frame is the Flatiron.

I made it to kumite class with time to spare, and had an excellent time sparring with my friends. There's nothing like fighting to put you in the moment and help you put your troubles in perspective.

On Saturday evening Jenn and I hung out at home and relaxed, in preparation for our big day on Sunday, which I'll post about shortly. At around midnight I went out to a local club (Grand Central, on Grand Street) to see Seth's band, the Blackout Shoppers, perform a wild and energetic hardcore punk rock set. They were excellent, as always. I got home at around 1:15 a.m.

Today I have the day off work today since we are between issues, so I will have some time to put up a few of the 450 photos I shot at the beach. Stay tuned.


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