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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Store I Hate

On my way home from work tonight I stopped by The Store I Hate.

Only I don't hate it. Actually I like it a lot. It's a fine bodega-like store. I shop there often. But over the years it has taken on the name of The Store I Hate, so that's what it is.

When I first started dating Jenn, and she first started staying over with me in Brooklyn, we would shop at only a couple of decent bodegas in our immediate vicinity. The Store I Hate was one of them. It is located on the corner of Conselyea Street and Graham Avenue.

It's actually quite a good convenience store. In New York we don't use the term convenience store too often, though there is one "convenient store" that I know of on Third Avenue.

The Store I Hate (TSIH for short) sells the usual bodega staples like beer, cigarettes, milk, chips, and coffee, but they also sell bohemian yuppie items like hummus and pita, fine cheeses, premade sushi and sashimi, and the entire line of Pirate's Booty (Veggie Booty, etc.). And did I mention that the beer selection is quite good?

The problem was, back when I first started going there (like six years ago) there was a woman who worked behind the register that I didn't like. I called her the Ice Queen. She was Asian, around 26 years old. She never smiled and never thanked you for your purchases. It was more of an attitude like "Our transaction is completed. Now you must leave."

She wasn't actually that bad, and we never had an argument or anything, but I would tell Jenn "let's drop by the store I hate, where the Ice Queen works." It was more funny than it was true. Anyway, the Ice Queen hasn't worked there in years, but the store is still The Store I Hate, and I shop there a couple of times a week.

Now there are other stores I hate even more, such as Hana Foods. And, as in the case of the original Store I Hate, I don't hate it. But I kind of do. Hana is a really upscale bodega on Metropolitan Avenue near Union (and Kellogg's Diner). It opened over a year ago but I think they still have a "Grand Opening" banner flying over the awning. Hana has great stuff, anything you can think of, like Buffalo wings to order, a fresh produce section, Swiss-made yogurt, several different types of olives, a wide range of Belgian beers, and so on. But the prices are high for people on a tight budget, such as me.

So I hate Hana Foods for having great stuff, and for being open 24/7, and for making it hard to save money in my piggy bank because I want all the nice shiny things they sell. I shop there maybe twice a month, but Jenn's a pretty regular Hana customer. She loves the Panda Face cookies. And she doesn't have the hang-ups about stores that I have.

Last night Marty and Carolyn came over to our house for a visit, and it was lovely to have them. They brought some excellent wine, and Marty and I walked out to ... wait for it ... Sal's Pizza and picked up an assortment of fantastic slices and some garlic knots. Sal's slices included seasoned chicken pizza with fresh onion; eggplant and marinara pizza; and fresh mozzarella pizza. We chowed down and had a really nice time. Marty and Carolyn left at around 10:30 p.m. to go back to Long Beach. Jenn and I watched The Daily Show and went to bed.

Today was a rather busy day for me at work. I had to stay late, which caused me to miss black belt class. It's a shame, but it's okay. I'm working on an interesting piece.

Here's a photo of one of the two main aisles in The Store I Hate. I love that store.


Blogger Jenn said...

I love That Store You Hate too (both stores, in fact). But I hate Hana's prices.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Richard said...

The cashiers at Hana's are really nice although I once got an Amy's non-dairy burrito there that had frostbite.

7:40 PM  

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