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Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Running of the Bulls

Good Morning. Welcome to Part 2 of my description of Tuesday. After we left the Comedy Central studios Webster, MaryAlice, Jenn, and I took a crosstown bus to the subway, and the subway to 8th Street, where we walked to the Central Bar on 9th Street for Nicole's book release party. Sometimes public transit in NYC can be frustrating, but this time we got downtown in a flash.

The photo above is a crowd shot from the party. The young blond woman just left of center is Jessica, one of the students/job candidates featured in the book. There's a photo of the author, Nicole, two posts down, proudly signing copies of her book for friends and admirers. The pictures look greenish because I had to use the "night shot" feature on the camera, which makes everything like Special Ops recon photos.

I know Nicole from the time I worked as a business reporter at Dow Jones Newswires. For being a brainy, white-collar kind of job it was also sort of a sweatshop in that the beast needed to be fed "copy" all the time. It was insatiable. That meant hustling nonstop, making calls, typing at a furious pace. In such an environment, I made some great friends (and even found a future wife).

Nicole, who now writes for Forbes, was one of a group of a half-dozen or so people who I still count as my dearest friends, and who were almost all present at Jenn and my wedding last year. So it goes without saying that we are all very happy and proud of her to publish this excellent book, and we are sure it will do very well. You can find out more about her book, The Running Of The Bulls, by clicking here.

A good bunch of us were at the book release party as well, so it was a reunion of sorts. As time marches on, we don't see eachother as often as we used to. People are married, people have children, people have different jobs and increased responsibilities. I don't mean to have a Cat's in the Cradle moment, but that's basically what it is. Fortunately, we are all still in touch and do get together on occasion, for which I am grateful. You've got nothing if you don't have friends.

Below, from left to right, Jenn, Tara, and Penelope, making nice for the camera.


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