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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Random NYC Photos

It looks like the world famous Soup Kitchen International is no more. Al never opened his shop last season. It is a great loss. His soups were delicious. There is some talk about him franchising but I haven't seen any action on that front.

Walking up Eighth Avenue, I zoomed in on some of the recently restored ornamentation at the base of the new Hearst building.

I walked to the post office on 60th Street near Fordham University. I had to drop a bill in the mail.

Later in the afternoon, I shot this photo of an NYPD emergency response vehicle. A suspicious package had been found in an office building and a massive emergency response unit came zooming in. The package turned out to be nothing dangerous.

My thoughts are with the poor people in Mississippi and Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf Coast. They are suffering the effects of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is completely flooded. I've been there twice in my life. New Orleans is a wonderful town. Old Storyville. The Hummingbird Hotel was a wonderful dump.

While I was thinking about the flood in New Orleans the name Galatea Dunkel popped into my head. She was a character in On The Road.


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