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Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Place

Jenn's birthday was yesterday (Saturday) and while I'm going to leave most of the details off-blog so to speak, the restaurant we went to for dinner is worth mentioning.

We dined at a place called The Place, on West Fourth Street in Greenwich Village. Here's a link to the Place's website and here's a review.

We arrived at about 8:20 p.m. I was limping because I hurt my foot in kumite class a couple of hours earlier. I had requested a corner booth, and we were shown to a very romantic and secluded alcove at the corner of the back dining room. The Place is dark and cozy and reminiscent of a candle-lit cave.

It was a great table. We took our time ordering, starting out with a bottle of Cascinacastle't Barbera d' Asti 2002, a fine red wine from Italy. We had a toast to Jenn's birthday and then started thinking about what we wanted to eat.

Since it was a special occasion, I suggested we get three appetizers. Jenn came up with excellent choices: Sauteed Diver Scallops over a roasted beet and orange mizuna salad; Char Grilled Calamari and Tiger Shrimp over field greens with a fresh mango salsa; and a Frisee Salad, with blue cheese, fresh pears, candied pistachios and a sherry wine dressing.

For entrees, I chose the Roasted Leg of Lamb, with rosemary roasted potatoes and french beans, au jus. Jenn selected the Pan Roasted Cod, with jersey corn, asparagus and sugar snap peas over a saffron buerre blanc.

The food was spectacular. Of the starters, I think we both liked the scallops best. I know I did. I'm always wary of ordering scallops because they're easy to screw up, but these were tender and delicious. Jenn's Frisee Salad was also sublime. The calamari and tiger shrimp came on skewers and were pretty good but not as good as the scallops and Frisee.

The wine was delicious as well, medium dry with a slightly spicy finish. Yum.

Our entrees were spectacular. I very rarely eat lamb, but this was prepared perfectly, juicy and tender and full of flavor. It was cut into easily managed slices. The rosemary potatoes and French beans were excellent also.

Of course we tasted each other's food, and I can tell you that the cod that Jenn ordered was excellent, especially with the jersey corn.

What birthday dinner would be complete without dessert? We ordered two dessert dishes: Traditional Creme Brulee infused with lavendar and Warm Spiced Bartlett Pears, Caramelized, with Heath Bar Crunch ice cream. They brought out the Creme Brulee with a candle in it, and I sang a quick version of Happy Birthday to Jenn.

The desserts were decadant and wonderful. Everything was decadant and wonderful. I highly recommend The Place for its romantic atmosphere, excellent food, and good service.


Blogger Jenn said...

Thank you for a wonderful dinner -- and a wonderful birthday.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your foot sir, I wish you a speedy recovery. Please also extend a cheery belated birthday wish to your lovely wife.

In other news, if I dont practice on Friday it may be a good brewery day!


2:36 PM  

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