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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Morning Errand

On Friday morning I needed to run an errand before work that took me from the 51st Street/Lexington Avenue subway station across town to West 57th. I brought my camera and took a few photos along the way. The photo above is of the Helmsley Building on Park Avenue.

Here's the G.E. building at Rockefeller Center. In the industry it's called 30 Rock.

Here's a photo of the gilded facade of Rockefeller Center.

This is Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

I walked through the pedestrial mall that goes through Rockefeller Center and took this looking upward through the flags.

This next one is of a farmer's market that was set up right above the Statue of Prometheus.

And I couldn't help but include a photo of Radio City Music Hall.

Or, for that matter, the David Letterman show.

I made my way to work and had a pretty good Friday. It was busy but everything that needed to get done was done. Friday night was mellow.

On Saturday I went to kumite as usual and then met Jenn to head up to Astoria, Queens (the Greek neighborhood) for a party at our friends Rob and Bonnie's new apartment. They're not Greek themselves, but they live in a Greek neighborhood.

It was unbearably hot and humid outside, and we spent a good part of the evening alternating between the air-conditioned living and dining rooms and the open balcony in the front. The balcony won out for the most part because of the excellent hot dogs and hamburgers. A perfect pairing with the abundant pilsner beer. Bravo, Rob and Bonnie, and welcome to your new home!

It was good that it was an early party, because we got home and went to bed at a reasonable hour (by 11:00 p.m.). Today (Sunday) Jenn and I went hiking at Clarence Fahnestock State Park with our friends Jen and Steven. It was another scorching day but we were successful in our mission and had a great hike.

I'm going to post hiking photos shortly. I just needed to get caught up.


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