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Friday, August 26, 2005

Bad Taste

I was in a rush to get out of the house this morning. I needed to drop off the laundry and I had to do an interview for a freelance story I'm writing for The Star-Ledger. In my haste, with my mind on all the things I had to do, I accidentally inhaled a big whiff of Brut (by Faberge) aerosol deodorant spray.

I went "ack!" and then "ptooey." I washed out my mouth, gargled a little bit, and brushed my teeth. Even now, after several hours, breakfast, and a big bottle of grapefruit juice, I can still taste it. On the plus side, my mouth won't smell bad if my tongue sweats.

Normally, I wouldn't even use an aerosol deodorant, but it was on the giveaway table, and I am a parsimonious (read: cheap) man. Free deodorant. Who wouldn't take advantage? But in the future, when using an aerosol deodorant, hold your breath until the air clears. Trust me on this one, I've done the research so you don't have to.

I'm not a parsimonious man in matters of the heart. Jenn's birthday is tomorrow, and as an early birthday present last night I accompanied her to a couple of clothing boutiques in the East Village with the promise to buy her something nice. We wound up at a shop called Meg, on East 9th Street. I had never heard of it (Jenn might claim that I have) but apparently it's a very popular shop with modern designs and decent prices. Jenn's a fan, as is my work colleague Anna. Here is a link.

If you ask me, the best part about any women's clothing store is the "man chair." The man chair is the place the man sits down while his girlfriend or wife shops. As long as I have a comfortable place to sit, I don't mind if Jenn tries on a dozen outfits. I don't have any research on this, but I can almost guarantee that having one or more man chairs increases the revenue in a women's clothing boutique. If I didn't have a chair, I'd be whining and complaining and asking if we can please go now. Please!

But with a man chair, I'm fine waiting, and Meg has two excellent man chairs. They take the form of wicker basket-type chairs with cushions. The best part, however, is that they hang from the ceiling, so you can literally "hang out" and swing around while the lady oohs and aahs over tank tops and "empire waisted" shirts and dresses (I just learned that term last night).

I was so into the hanging chair that I forgot to take photos of the shop, which I had intended to do. Here's a picture of a chair that is similar to Meg's mesmerizing man chairs.

As I swung and swiveled, Jenn picked out a very nice black shirt, and I bought it for her. We took the subway home to Brooklyn, stopping by Hana Foods and Sal's Pizza for provisions on the way to our apartment. Jenn conked out early, as she was very tired, but I stayed up and watched The Daily Show. Christopher Hitchens was the guest.


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