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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Writerly Aspirations

Yesterday was Independence Day, and to celebrate our independence, Jenn and I spent most of the day working on our (non-blog) writing. We both have book ideas, hers is a bit farther along than mine, and it felt good to hammer away at the keyboard and get a few ideas down on paper (pixel).

Even if they turn out not to be the right ideas (or publishable ideas) it's a step forward to realize that. As much as I hope for it, we just can't seem to get any additional hours in the day, so for the time being we're going to have to commit to sacrificing some of our social and leisure time to pursue our writing goals.

Blogging is pretty good practice, I can say. I recommend it to anyone trying to get some writing momentum going. You get over your shyness pretty quickly by just putting it all out there for everyone to see, open to comments. Most people have been kind and supportive so far. But there's no substitute for actual book/article writing.

After logging in a couple of solid hours of writing time Jenn and I went out to McCarren Park to toss the frisbee around a couple of times. The park was pretty crowded and a little bit disgusting: lots of loud radios, trash, and drunk people. We had a couple of good frisbee tosses and then headed back home, stopping by Pete's Candy Store for a quick celebretory drink on the way.

In the evening we rustled together some dinner and relaxed, writing a little bit more. Now it's Tuesday and we're back at work. The weather is warm and muggy but not unbearable.


Anonymous Carol Ann Dondero said...

Heya Mr. Vic! It's an old friend from ODU...Carol Ann :-) I was just looking up some old names from the past and came across your blog. Really good stuff! You are certainly blessed with a rich and cultured life in the Big Apple. Congratulations on your new marriage. Sounds like you both make a fabulous couple!

Jen Krammes Brown gives me updates from time to time about you. I saw her last at her baby shower - isn't Ava beautiful? Kristina and I drop notes once in awhile and I'm in very close touch with Melissa, Denise and Tracey as well. They are all doing very well. I also keep in close touch with Tina. Tina is married in Jersey with twin boys. She is a high school guidance counselor.

I had twins too. Isn't that crazy that we would both have twins? I have three red-headed beauties - Nina, age 8 and Lily and Sophia, ages 7. I saw Sonya and Ariel for the first time in 10 years in early June. We met in N. Va. for lunch. Sonya just had a baby and she specifically asked me about you. I told her I was certain you were a writer for a big magazine in NY, but was unsure for which one.

I share your aspirations to write a book..only for me it's children's books. I have a few in the submission process right now. Last year I was celebrating one that was being published - but it ended up being a "killed book". Still, it was exciting to have worked with an editor and get that far with my first submission. I think I'll just call it my hobby until one day, just maybe...

Anywho, I am so proud of you! Congratulations on your successes. I know your dreams will take you far and I will always look out for your name in lights :-) Take special care and if you have time drop me a line. I'm at

11:18 PM  

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