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Sunday, July 24, 2005


It's been a lovely weekend but where does the time go? Already it's Sunday night, but the weekend just started, didn't it?

Jenn and I just got back from an after-dinner walk around the neighborhood. We hadn't planned on it but a Kool Man ice cream truck beckoned with vanilla soft-serve cones. They were excellent. We walked about twelve blocks in total, and we know this because Jenn just mapped out our route on Google Satellite Images. You should look up your house on Google Satellite, it's fun and easy.

We didn't do too much over the weekend, the highlight was Jenn's striped bass dinner last night, served with pearl onions, fresh herbs, and steamed tri-color beans from the Union Square Greenmarket.

I went to karate Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so I've had some decent excercise (actually I'm a bit sore), but otherwise the L-train was screwed up due to weekend construction work so that made getting into Manhattan slightly more difficult. We kept it local.

Now Jenn is watching Whale Rider and I'm going to attempt to do some writing.


Blogger Jenn said...

Have to give a little plug here to Whale Rider. Excellent film. Very moving and beautifully shot.
(And a plug to the Kool Man too, and to the cool man who bought me a soft-serve cone).

10:54 PM  

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