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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Soap Bubbles

Today is Wednesday and I have not yet read The Onion. I'll save it for lunchtime reading.

I can't, or rather I'm afraid to blog too much this morning, because the company's internet connection has been right dodgy all morning long. I fear clicking the "Publish Post" button and losing everything. It has happened before.

I'll just give the briefest of summaries, bereft of complaint or philosophy.

Yesterday I worked until about 6:15 p.m. Jenn was able to leave at the same time so we met downstairs on 57th and Broadway and went home together. Normally we'd take the subway from 57th Street but we felt like a stroll so we walked to 49th Street, one stop away. It wasn't much of a walk. Most of our time was spent weaving and dodging tourists.

We made it home, heated up some leftovers, took showers, and by the time we sat down to do some writing it was already past 10:00 p.m. Where does the time go?

Today I woke up at 7:48 a.m. and gulped down a cup of coffee Jenn had prepared for me. Then, wearing shorts, a tee-shirt, flip flops, and full bed head, I walked to the cleaners to pick up the laundry and dry cleaning. It was an enjoyable morning walk. Instead of dodging tourists I had to dodge forklifts at the dishwashing soap factory.

Yes, on Skillman Avenue in Brooklyn there is a factory where, and I'm just making an educated guess here, they take soap from large containers (like 60-gallon drums and larger) and put it in smaller, more saleable containers, like buckets and possibly squeeze bottles. But I think it's a bucket operation that delivers to restaurants and institutional kitchens.

They own a special "air ride" truck that carts the liquid soap around. I guess you can't bounce around too much with soap because the soap would get too bubbly.

Jenn sorted the laundry. That's our division of labor: I schlep, she sorts. Then she went to work, and I showered, dressed, and did the same.


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