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Monday, July 04, 2005

Pool Party

We never made it to Pylos on Saturday night because Jenn had an upset tummy, so we decided to go another time, perhaps next weekend. Instead, we spent our Saturday evening relaxing at home and eating pizza. It was nice.

On Sunday (yesterday) Jenn's mom and stepdad invited us to their big apartment complex in Fort Lee, New Jersey for the annual pool party. We packed our bathing suits and floppy hats and sunglasses and took the subway into Manhattan. We walked from Penn Station to the New York Waterway Ferry Terminal on the Hudson River at West 38th Street.

We were supposed to meet Jenn's Aunt Nancy at the terminal, and we watched three ferries leave before we found out, via a series of cell phone calls, that Nancy had taken an earlier ferry. Splendid.

The weather was beautiful. The sky was sunny and blue and the humidity was low. We rode on the top deck of the ferry and enjoyed the motion of the ocean (tidal estuary).

Jenn's mom's friend picked us up at the ferry terminal and drove us to the apartment complex. Jenn's mom had saved a bunch of deck chairs for us in a shaded area by the pool and finally we could start relaxing. We greeted everybody and changed into our cabana wear.

The first thing I did was go for some food. There was a barbecue with hamburgers, hot dogs, roasted and barbecued chicken, potato salad, noodle salad, and sodas. I had some of everything, and it was pretty good.

I waited a few minutes after eating before I went into the pool. I was looking around the place and marveling at how retro the scene was. Their apartment complex consists of two high-rise buildings (I think they are 35 storeys or so) and two swimming pools.

Most of the people who live there are older, and they can't help but bring their vintage styles with them wherever they go, both in clothing and mannerisms. Yes, of course there was an abundance of saggy flesh, but there were also some good examples of Don Ho shirts and natty hats.

I really enjoy swimming, either in the ocean or a nice swimming pool, so it was a pleasure to get in the water, which was at a perfect temperature. Jenn and I played a game of swimming pool basketball. We both had a few amazing shots, as well as some embarassing misses. A little help! Thank you.

I got in and out of the pool a couple of times. I really enjoyed just swimming around the deep end and practicing treading water for a few minutes at a time. Yes, I fought hard at kumite class on Saturday afternoon, (possibly re-breaking my middle toe on my right foot), but I still found swimming to be a pretty serious workout.

We hung around the pool party, digging the Love Boat vibe, until things started winding down. We got a ride back to the ferry and hit the high seas once again. The combination of the ferry rides and swimming in the pool made me feel like I still had my sea legs when I was back on land. I like that feeling.

Back at home we rested and showered, and then we took a walk around our neighborhood, ending up at our favorite bar, where else but Spuyten Duyvil.

We got really nice seats in the lush garden and talked about where we would like to live if we moved out of New York City. We discovered that it's tough to consider leaving the city when so many other places seem like a step down. I don't mean to harbor New York arrogance, but how can we move from New York to, let's say, Atlanta, or Charlotte, or any of those "up and coming" cities in the U.S.?

The U.S. portion of our list read like this:

1. New York City
2. Los Angeles Area
3. San Francisco Area
4. There is no number four.

The Global portion of our list read like this:

1. Riga, Latvia
2. Dakar, Senegal
3. Paris, France
4. London, England
5. Dublin, Ireland

If anybody has any suggestions that could help us make our dreams come true, please share them.

Today is Monday, July 4, 2005. Happy Independence Day, America. I'm certainly not fond of our present government, but I do agree that America is a heck of a nice country. It looks good and provides many opportunities.

We are going to spend the day writing, in pursuit of our goals and dreams.


Blogger Jenn said...

Happy Independence Day, baby. I do appreciate where we live today, but I look forward to spending time in all the global cities on our list someday.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Valérie Valtzoglou said...

Dear Jenn
Hope you make it to PYLOS soon!
It's always fun when you have a business to find out what your customers are saying about it and blogs are a real source of informations. I am glad you love our place!
Christos, my husband, and the whole team of PYLOS are putting so much effort into it. It's really nice to see their efforts rewarded.
Thank you again for dining with us!
Valérie Valtzoglou

8:33 AM  

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