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Friday, July 22, 2005

Perilous Times

The NYPD has begun to check people's bags on the subway, although I didn't witness any bag-checking on my commute this morning. It doesn't seem like too big of a deal. I'm imagining they take a quick peek into your bag to make sure you don't have a bomb and then let you go.

Of course last week's and yesterday's bomb incidents in London are scary, as is today's shooting of a bombing suspect. (I guess some cops in England have guns.) I am all for protecting individual civil liberties, but we need to stop these horrible acts of violence any way we can.

Speaking of violent acts, Noah is still in Baghdad as I write this, embedded with a certain military unit that I've promised not to reveal. He is filing dispatches from the desert that are very interesting, such as descriptions of a ride in a Black Hawk helicopter, a sandstorm, and coming under fire while on a patrol.

You can read his observations at He's writing from Baghdad and also has guest-bloggers manning his site stateside. Scroll down to get all his Baghdad descriptions.

For peril of a different kind, I direct you to a slew of recent articles about bloggers who've lost their jobs for revealing too much information about their employers. The latest poster child is Nadine H. She was, until recently, an editor at a women's magazine. Although she posted anonymously on her blog (now taken down), people figured out who she was and that was the end of her job. Technically, she was in the process of resigning from from one job and taking a new job at a teen magazine, but when the story broke, the teen magazine recinded their job offer. Now she's looking for work (and possibly a book and movie deal).

Where does that leave me? I'm on the record, using my real name. I've written before that I'm a freelance fact checker at Esquire. However, I make a point not to discuss what goes on at work too much, and especially what stories are going into the magazine. Yet, this blog is about my life, and my job is part of my life, so I don't want to avoid it completely. I'm just not going to be a dummy about it.

I think the first rule is to generally try to stay positive, which isn't too hard for me. I really do like the magazine, and have for years before I worked here. All my coworkers here are intelligent and good people who work hard and publish an excellent (and award-winning) magazine every month. I beseech you, readers, please pick up a copy of Esquire at your local newsstand. Please take a moment to fill out the subscription card and mail it in. You won't regret it.

And as for not regretting things, I'd best leave it at that for now. I've got an assignment to work on so that has become my priority. As for this weekend, Jenn and I don't have any big plans, although she said she would like to cook a fish dinner on Saturday evening, and I'm all for it.


Blogger Redgirl1812 said...

I live in New Jersey and I can feel what you are going through. As a frequent guess of the City Of New York I see security increasing every time I go over on the Path train. I am a little scared because on NJtransit you can see the same thing. You see people worried about if anything going to happened on the subway or on the commuter rail. I believe that we are safer than before, but I am not going to leave my sense of caution out the window because of the police officers there.

12:06 PM  

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