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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Our Chaotic World

It's Thursday. I'm at my desk at work.

I had planned to write about what a busy news day yesterday was, with Cooper flipping, Miller behind bars, and Lil Kim getting a year and a day. But that's nothing compared to the horrific bomb blasts in London earlier this morning.

By now you know the details, a series of coordinated bomb attacks in the London Underground killed as many as 33 people and injured scores more. It certainly appears to be a terrorist attack, and it's awful. There's no justification on this earth or in the heavens for killing so many completely innocent people, tearing families apart, taking away moms and dads and children.

Of course I have my opinions over the way the U.S. and British government have prosecuted what they call the war on terror, but that is for another time. Now we grieve for the dead, give aid and comfort to the injured, search for the perpetrators, and do everything in our power to prevent attacks such as this one in the future.


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