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Monday, July 25, 2005

Dylan Goes Electric

Today marks a watershed moment for New York City Diary, for I have just learned how to upload photos to Blogger.

I'll begin this new era with a fascinating photo-essay on how I woke up on Monday morning and dropped off the laundry bag at the cleaners. It was about twenty pounds, so shooting a photo of myself carrying it wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but New Yorkers are great beasts of burden. Please note my bed-head and coffee-stained tee shirt. This is Monday morning, pre-shower but post-coffee (thanks, Jenn!).

To get to the cleaners, I had to walk east on Skillman Avenue.

It was a mild summer morning. The temperature was about 70F and the sky was cloudy. Here are pictures of the cleaners and the proprietress of the cleaners, Kay.

Kay is a nice lady. One of the things I like most about living in New York, particularly Brooklyn, is that I actually have friendly relationships with the various shopkeepers in my neighbhorhood. If I'm in a rush, I don't need to wait to get a ticket for my laundry or dry cleaning, I can just drop it on the counter and give her a wave and it's all taken care of.

Here's a picture of an abandoned shell of a building that may one day be converted into luxury apartments, if the construction activity in the rest of the neighborhood is any indication. You can see some grafitti by Faile.

Here's the factory where they produce Manhattan Special espresso coffee soda. (The website is very good.) It's popular in New York but I'm not sure how much of it gets "exported" to the rest of the country. Jenn invented a very yummy drink that combines Manhattan Special and Kahlua. It's good to have right before going out. Why is it called Manhattan Special when it's made in Brooklyn? Because the factory is located on Manhattan Avenue.

Brooklyn has many funeral homes. Business is steady.

And here's my intersection, Leonard and Skillman, the finest corner in all of Brooklyn.

To get to our garden apartment, you have to walk through the house and then out the back door.

Then walk across the garden to our "rear house."

Pleased with the successful completion of my laundry mission, l gazed over the beautiful courtyard garden, lovingly maintained in the Italian style by our landlords, Blanche and Louie.

Then I went upstairs, made a sloppy first attempt at posting these photos, ran out of time, showered, dressed, left my unwashed coffee cup in the sink downstairs, and came to work, where I made this hopefully less-sloppy attempt at photoblogging.

Tonight I have tentative plans to meet Seth and Marty after work, and I brought the camera with me to record whatever happens. So if a virtual trip to drop off the laundry wasn't exciting enough for you, perhaps some virtual drinking at a New York bar might do the job.

Before I end this, I have to say that Google, which owns Blogger, is a fine company. This site costs me nothing at all, yet brings me great satisfaction. And they've made posting photos so easy even I can do it. I thought it would be hard. It's not.


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