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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Dance of the Giglio

Yesterday was a day of good timing. As I wrote about in the last posting (see below, with links) this week Williamsburg is hosting the Feast of Saint Anthony and Mount Carmel. The festival kicked off yesterday (Sunday) with the famous Dance of the Giglio (pronounce it "zhee-lee-oh"). There's also a boat that dances, but it doesn't quite get equal billing with the Giglio. For an updated posting on this, click here.

I went to a karate class at noon, and when I came home I still had energy to burn for some reason, so I went for a run/walk/run through the carnival area. My timing was perfect. The Giglio and boat danced, the band played, the zeppoli makers made zeppoli, and the funnel cake was funneled. I enjoyed the scene for a few minutes, jogged back home, and drank some seltzer.

Jenn came home from her business trip at around 3:30 p.m. and I convinced her to come out to the carnival with me. Sure enough, the Giglio and boat did another dance for us. It's quite a sight to see, this hundred-plus-foot tower with a saint on the top, swaying in the blue Brooklyn sky. We enjoyed it and then went home and drank seltzer.

Then I cooked dinner, we took another short walk, and then we both wrote freelance stories that are due today. Good work!

I'd write more, but now it's Monday I've got to get cracking on my regular job duties.


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