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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bagels and More

Yesterday was Friday and Jenn and I were both able to leave work at 6:00 p.m. We met on the corner of 57th and Broadway and, after a pit stop at the bank, we went into the subway on 55th Street to head back to Brooklyn. We got into the first car of the downtown train so I could shoot photos (and video) through the front window. The above picture is of the subway tunnel between 50th Street and Times Square. You can see it better if you click on it.

I turned around and took this picture of Jenn as she was looking out the front window. On the newer trains (such as the L train, pictured in my earlier entry) it's more difficult to see out the front window because the driver's cockpit area goes all the way across the nose of the train, but you can still do it on the older ones. Little kids put their foreheads against the glass for the best view.

I call this photo on the right Light at the End of the Tunnel. Below it is a photo I call Entering 34th Street/Herald Square. In the evening lots of people get out of the subway at the downtown end of the Herald Square station to walk to Penn Station and take commuter trains back to New Jersey, although they could also be going to Madison Square Garden to watch a Knicks game or something. These photos are also a bit dark so click for a better look.

We got home and had a quiet Friday evening together. We didn't go out and do anything crazy. Friday evening is a good time to relax. We were in bed by 11:00 p.m.

This morning I got up and made my regular pilgrimage to David's Bagels on First Avenue at 14th Street in Manhattan. Why would I go all the way into Manhattan to get bagels when I live in Brooklyn? Because: A. David's Bagels are awesome; and B. On the L train it barely takes ten minutes to get there from Lorimer Street in Brooklyn.

Today, however, there was construction on the L line, and to get into Manhattan you had to take one train to Bedford Avenue and then take a "shuttle train" into Manhattan. A shuttle train just runs back and forth on one track, leaving the other track open for maintenance work.

This is a picture of the onion bagel bin at David's Bagels. The onion is far and away my favorite bagel.

I was feeling a little self conscious shooting people at such close range so I just fired off this one and a few more and put the camera away. This is the front counter area and one of the bagel guys on the right. Those are muffins in the foreground.

I paid for my bagel and went down to the subway station. Here's a picture of a work train that was on the opposite track. It's usually bad news when you see a work train but in this case I didn't have to wait too long for a subway back to Brooklyn.

I came home, picking up the laundry on the way. Jenn had gone out to New Jersey to visit her mom. I ate my bagel and then went back out to pick up Jenn's dry cleaning and buy a case of seltzer from Beverage World on Meeker (great prices). Now I'm going to do some cleaning and writing until it's time to go to kumite class. The weather today is overcast and warm, but not unbearably humid. I've got the windows open and the fan on.

Tonight we might go to Spuyten Duvyil bar and tomorrow we are planning to go to Dia:Beacon. Check back for the latest photos and discussion.


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