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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weekend Update

Friday was a good day. I wasn't working so I went to a 12:30 karate class and 1:30 meditation class. That evening (around 7:30) I met Jenn, Marty, Carolyn, Robin, and Sonya at Barramundi (the new location on Clinton Street). It was to be an evening of debauchery on the Lower East Side. Classic downtown New York stuff.

We had a very nice time and took advantage of the bar's Happy Hour policy. It ran until 9:00 p.m. which suited Jenn and my needs perfectly. We don't stay out too late like we used to, although we have our moments.

While we were at Barramundi (also here) we happened to see Kevin and Janice. Kevin is my coworker and friend from Esquire and Janice is his wife, a fine painter and good person. It was nice to bump into them.

Jenn and I chatted with Kevin and Janice for a while and then went back to our banquette with Marty, Carolyn, Robin, and Sonya. We proceeded to have a few drinks and a nice conversation about the issues of the day.

They continued on to dinner after the bar, but we, claiming poverty (not unjustly) took the subway home and split a microwave burrito. It was actually quite good.

The next morning (Saturday morning) we slept in a bit and then tidied the house until it was time to head into the city. Jenn went to the gym and I went to kumite class, which was excellent as usual.

That evening Jenn and I met our friends Mike and Stacie at a restaurant in Manhattan called Candela. Mike and Stacie were having a celebratory dinner there (three weeks ago they had a baby girl and it was their first "date" since) and they really wanted us to meet them for a drink in the restaurant's bar before they sat down to dinner, and we headed back to Brooklyn.

Candela is a very pretty restaurant. I've been in the place a couple of times but never tasted the food. There's a very dark and woody motif, with many candles. The bar area is quite pleasant, and I enjoyed one pint of Pilsner Urquell and one pint of Guinness Stout.

We all had a pleasant chat and then Jenn and I said good night to Mike and Stacie and took the L-train back to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The train took forever to arrive due to construction, but finally we made it to Bedford Avenue.

It was still relatively early (like 10:00 p.m.) so we went to a very good Indian restaurant on North Fifth Street right off Bedford Avenue called Taj Mahal. I had been there once before, with Marty and John Shaw.

Jenn and I had a very delicious dinner of chicken curry and chicken saag (with spinach) and a selection of Indian breads. It was wonderful, and didn't cost much either. A great meal.

Today (Sunday) we slept in and woke up feeling very good. The day was spent productively. I cleaned the upstairs bathroom, top to bottom. Liquid and powder bleach, cleaning sprays of all kinds, and a boatload of elbow grease got our bathroom to its cleanest state in weeks. Jenn cleaned the downstairs. The whole house looks great.

After we cleaned we felt like we deserved some recreation, so I convinced Jenn to walk with me to McCarren Park. It was around 8:00 p.m., which, at this time of year, is when the sun sets. As we were walking toward our frisbee-tossing place the sun was setting in a big bright orange yellow ball.

We tossed the frisbee around for a few minutes, and took the long way home walking back. We were gone for maybe an hour or so. It was very pleasant, and not unlike the megatransect.


Blogger Jenn said...

I just have to say that we are not poor--though we are behaving that way, since we are trying to save money/pay down lingering debts so that we can buy one of the estimated 30,000+ units that are slated to be built in our neighborhood in the next 3 years. And, yes, I'm glad that my husband is cost-conscious even when I am not, so we can afford a home (and a baby) of our own soon.

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