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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Last night after work I went with Jenn to a special Smirnoff vodka tasting event at a downtown Russian-themed bar/lounge called Pravda. It was a lot of fun and the vodka was very good. You might recall that a panel of food and drink experts assembled by The New York Times recently declared Smirnoff to be the best tasting vodka, beating the pants off of much more expensive vodkas such as Grey Goose. I thought it was great that the vodka that comes in a plastic bottle was found to be superior to the uber-trendy vodkas of the moment. Poetic justice.

Representatives of Smirnoff and a drinks expert gave us a brief lecture about vodka, what it is, how it's made, and why Smirnoff is so great (lots of charcoal filtering). Then we had a blind taste test. To be honest with you, all three vodkas tasted very similar to me, but I did give the highest marks to the Smirnoff (which was vodka B in the test). The majority of people in our group (other magazine people I assume) also gave the highest marks to Smirnoff. The other two vodkas were Absolut and Grey Goose.

After the formal tasting and lecture, they brought out Smirnoff-based cocktails such as the Moscow Mule and some hors d'oeuvres (or should it be hors d'oeuvre?) which included caviar, chicken satay, and a few other very yummy snacks. Jenn and I hung around for a while, chatted with the vodka people and a writer for Cigar Aficionado, and then decided to go home. The organizers of the event even provided us with a safe and sober ride home in a Towncar. Sweet.

Smirnoff was one of my favorite vodkas before the event (I also like Stoli) and it certainly remains one of my favorites now, not just because we had such a nice time and each got gift bags that included, suprise, a bottle of Smirnoff. Vodka martini, anyone?

Here is a link to Pravda and here is a link to Smirnoff. I've got to get busy now. Have a nice day.


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