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Monday, June 20, 2005

Penguin Love

This evening after work Jenn took me to a screening of a movie called March of the Penguins.

It's a documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman that follows a colony of emperor penguins in Antarctica as they migrate through unbelievably treacherous conditions to mate.

March of the Penguins is an expertly produced and touching movie. True, penguins are naturally photogenic creatures, and the fluffy baby penguins are especially cute, but the film captures them in almost human-like moments. When you see the long, almost endless line of penguins marching across the Antarctic tundra it truly looks like a bunch of hunchbacked guys wearing overcoats shuffling down the street.

We saw the film in a screening room with a bunch of other magazine and newspaper people, critics, mostly. They were writing in their notebooks as the movie played. In the screening room next to ours there was a showing of David LaChappelle's Rize. Rize seems pretty cool but I'm glad we saw the penguins.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds cool Victor. I now have a Blog request...possibly the first in your blogging escapades. Why dont you chime in on the new, conductor-less 'L' trains. Sheer convenience or the next monorail disaster waiting to happen?


2:22 PM  

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