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Monday, June 13, 2005

Modes of Transport

Yesterday was Sunday, and Jenn and I spent a few hours in the towns of Fort Lee and Edgewater, New Jersey. We were there to visit Jenn's mom and stepdad. Everything went well and we had a nice time.

Perhaps most notable were the myriad forms of transportation we used to get around: train, bus, automobile, and boat. That's how you get around in New York. A helicopter would have been a step up, but it's kind of an expensive ride.

Our extra-long, jointed bus dropped us off in Edgewater at a few minutes before 1:00 p.m. (thanks, New Jersey Transit!) and we walked a couple of blocks to the movie theater, where Pat and Chuck met us and took us to a 1:40 p.m. showing of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, starring the sizzling Angelina Jolie and the smoldering Brad Pitt. It was a fun (and good-looking) movie that had its flaws like any summer popcorn flick, but we enjoyed it.

We piled in the Honda and drove to a restaurant (JD's I think) where we had an early dinner. I had the crab cakes. Then we went on to Pat and Chuck's apartment in Fort Lee, where we ate birthday cake on their ninth-floor balcony, overlooking the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline.

After our sugar levels were sufficiently elevated, they drove us to the ferry terminal, and we hopped on a boat and enjoyed the outdoor seating area on the top level. (Thanks New York Waterway Ferries!) The breeze was in our hair and the view as we approached Manhattan was beautiful. It had been a hot day but it was a pleasant early evening on the water.

Included in the cost of the ferry ticket is a shuttle bus that takes you to the subway, so we wound up at Penn Station where we hopped an A train to 14th, and took an L train home.

It was a long day filled with much transit, but we had a swell time. Now it's Monday. Yippee!


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