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Thursday, June 02, 2005

June Gloom

There's a phenomenom in southern California known as "June Gloom," which, until we visited San Diego in June, I had never heard of.

The name describes it pretty well. The month of June is gloomy, with lots of clouds and rain and cool temperatures. This is weird to the visitor, because in most places in the northern hemisphere June is a very pleasant month, and you'd expect it to be especially nice in southern California.

Today in New York feels like a June Gloom day in San Diego. It's cloudy and cool. It's not rainy but the word gloomy would describe the weather pretty well.

Gloom is a pretty neat word. It is both a noun and a verb, originating from the Middle English "gloumen" which is akin to the Old English "geolu," which mean yellow. In noun form it means partial or total darkness, or a dark and shadowy place, or a lowness of spirits: dejection.

I don't feel particularly gloomy today, but I couldn't help but compare today's New York gloom with the gloom SoCal is probably enduring at the moment.

While I'm writing about words, another cool word on the same page as gloom is glom, which means to take, steal, seize, catch, or take possession of. You might have heard the word glom recently in relation to WiFi networks. If you take your laptop to Starbucks you can glom on to their WiFi network. Or do you glom off? I don't know if it's glom on or glom off, but you get the picture.

Okay, the vocabulary lesson is over. Today is Thursday, and the week has gone by pretty quickly. Of course we were off on Monday, but holiday-shortened weeks seem especially labored sometimes. Not this time. Not to me.

I'm glad that the weekend is coming up, but I'm starting to feel that life is going by pretty fast. You can't always work for the weekend. It's time to make the big things happen. As far as small things are concerned, I did just get another assignment for The Star-Ledger, so that's one reason to keep on keeping on.

I went to black belt class last night. This weekend we have our annual black belt seminar, and all area black belts are required to attend. Some people have flown in from far-off lands to attend and to take part in a special promotion (a test to move up in rank). Last night we were honored to have a Sensei from our Capetown, South Africa dojo. He came to the dojo straight from JFK airport. That's dedication.

I would love to visit Cape Town some day. I've heard it's one of the most beautiful places on earth.


Anonymous Sister Michelle said...

Yes, it's gloomy around San Diego this month. And yes, a bunch of houses did just slide down a cliff (though that was in "the OC"). But pretty much everyone says "thank you" and we never have freaks on mass transit, oh, yeah, we don't have mass transit...

10:42 PM  

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