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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Eye Doctor

Today is Wednesday, and this morning before work I had an appointment with my eye doctor, Dr. Chang. He has an office on 10th Street in the East Village, on the ground floor level of a big white apartment building. He also has an office in Chinatown, but 10th Street is more convenient for me.

It was a my regular yearly checkup, and fortunately there were no problems. I do wear glasses, i.e. corrective lenses, but my vision has stabilized, making me an ideal candidate for laser eye surgery, which I will consider for the future. My hesitation has nothing to do with the risk (Dr. Chang is actually an eye surgeon, and he would do the surgery himself) but the finances. Eventually I will do it, and it will be great, but first I need the dough.

Speaking of finances, my health insurance does not cover vision care, so I had to write a check for $150 for today's seven minutes worth of face time with the good doctor, and I will have to cough up another $180 for a year's supply of contact lenses when they come in next week. Healthy living is not cheap.

It's a nice day in the city today, and here at Esquire we're in the semi-lull between issues. Articles for the September issue (including one of mine!) are slowly starting to circulate, but things will be busier next week.

Tonight I have black belt class, and the only other major event on this week's calendar is Friday night's solstice party. Yes, I know that the solstice was actually yesterday, but Friday seems like an easier day for people to get down and boogie, and anyway it's St. Jean Baptiste Day (Quebec). Happy summer, everybody!


Blogger Crew Koos said...

I m not black like Barry White, but i am white like Franck Black is !!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to toasting the solstice and of course the great Martin Flanagan III.


12:49 PM  

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