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Friday, June 10, 2005

Aggressive Driving

This has pretty much been a non-blog blog this week, with my anemic attempts at keeping it "updated." Today won't be much different, as things at work are really busy, and work pays me, whereas my only payment for blogging is my own satisfaction in chronicling my life in the city, and the occasional nice notes I receive from people. So consider this just another little yelp before I go under the surface again. I promise I'll be a better blogger this weekend.

Before I go back to battle I'll give a brief New York anecdote.

Witnessed this morning, during my commute: A beat-up van with at least two guys in it, construction workers ("contractors") or painters or electricians or something. The driver mashes on the accelerator as soon as the light turns green, and the van takes off, spinning out a little (the pavement was wet) and making the engine roar. After two or three seconds tires could be heard screeching.

Apparently somebody had pulled out of a parallel parking spot in front of this van, which must have been approaching 45 miles per hour at this point. I'm not sure if there was a collision, perhaps a minor one, because it happened just around the corner from my field of vision, but in a moment I was able to see the commotion.

The van driver charged out of the van toward the driver of the car and unleashed an impressive barrage of vulgarities. Blankedy blank blank blank, you mother blanker! How blanking blank can you be? Blanking blank!

As I walked by (hey, I didn't witness it) I thought that I would probably be mad too, but wouldn't it be impressive if all parties involved first made sure everybody was okay, and then calmly and politely tried to rectify the situation? And wouldn't it be nice if people didn't have to go from zero to sixty and back to zero ten times to get across Manhattan? I mean, the stoplights are there, is the "need for speed" so essential? Is it so satisfying to speed in a heavily urban environment with pedestrians everywhere?

Some people are so reckless, as though they don't understand or don't care about the consequences of their vehicular risk-taking: human lives. Chill, everybody. Just cool it.


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