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Monday, May 02, 2005

Weekend Update

I've got a lot of work to do today, so here is a very brief update on what's been going on in the city since my last post on Thursday.

John arrived Thursday night, and Marty came over, and we hung out and then had dinner at an Indian restaurant on North 6th Street in Williamsburg. It was a good dinner, the Indian breads were especially tastey.

I worked on Friday and John hung around the house, playing his guitar. On Friday night we ended up doing a lot of running around, including eating a very good Polish dinner on Bedford Avenue, and going to the bars Spike Hill (in Williamsburg) and The Raven (in the East Village). The highlight/lowlight of The Raven was that some drunk guy went psycho outside, started a brief fight with someone else, and then stripped down to his boxer shorts for reasons that are beyond me. He was raging in the night. John and I went home.

During the day on Saturday John and I went into Manhattan and ran some errands. On Saturday night we had dinner at DuMont and then met our old friend Dave at the West Fourth Street subway station. Then we three went to Kettle Of Fish for some drinks and conversation.

John left early on Sunday, and I went to Prospect Park. Jenn was on her way back to New York from her vacation in Arizona. It was the Cherry Blossom Festival in Prospect Park, known as Sakura Matsuri, and I went to see a Japanese play called "The Way of Samurai, Samurai Sword Soul" that was part of the festivities. The play involved lots of martial arts and samurai sword demonstrations, and several of the performers are friends of mine from karate.

The weather on Sunday was beautiful, and the cherry blossoms were a brilliant pink. The play was very good and attracted an enthusiastic audience of several thousand. After the play I talked with my friend Toru and congratulated him on an excellent performance.

Since it was just me I didn't feel like hanging around in the park, I went home and scrubbed the upstairs bathroom. It was good to at least accomplish that. Jenn came home in the evening and it was good to see her. Unfortunately I was finishing up a freelance story so we didn't get to catch up as much as I would have liked, but I'm done with the story now so tonight perhaps we can have some quality time.

As for now, I've got to spend my quality time earning money to pay the bills.


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