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Friday, May 06, 2005

I Should Be Working Now

But instead, an update, however brief. It's Friday, and this pleases me. Last night I closed a big story I'd been working on, and while I do have other work to do, I'm sort of taking a breather today.

After work last night I went to senior kata class, which was great as usual. I needed a workout, and I got it.

The weather in New York today is overcast and cool. We're all wondering where the spring has gone. The Yankees are in last place in their division, despite the fact that I saw Randy Johnson in the grocery store last week. Perhaps he bought the wrong yogurt. In other sports news (which you will rarely get on this blog), the Celtics beat the Pacers in the NBA playoffs last night, making their series even at three games apiece. It was a good fourth quarter and overtime (which is all I watched). I would prefer the Pacers won, because I like Reggie Miller, despite his Knick-killing pedigree. Even though I only watched a few minutes of the game it was very engaging. With nine seconds left on the clock in overtime, Jenn went downstairs to grind coffee, making her even less of a sports fan than me, and that's setting the bar pretty low.

Last night I felt like I was getting sick again, so I took it easy and read for a while and then went to sleep. I'm reading an interesting collection of short stories by a Russian-Jewish emigree from Latvia named David Bezmozgis, who lives in Canada. The name of the book is "Natasha and other stories." He doesn't talk about Riga as much as I would like, but then he doesn't remember Riga as well as I do, probably, since he left when he was about seven, and I lived there in my twenties. It's been a long time for both of us, though. Anyway, it's a fine book. My friend Dave, who also lives in Canada, gave me the book when we had drinks at Kettle Of Fish last Saturday night.

I feel better today, and my weekend plans include writing, cleaning, and saving America. In other words, the usual.


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