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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Please forgive me, dear reader(s), for I haven't posted since my brief update on Monday. Today is Thursday, May 5, and I'm sitting at my desk at home in the early morning (it's 8:45 a.m.). Sunlight is streaming into the room from my one eastern-facing window, and I'm drinking my second cup of freshly-brewed (by Jenn) coffee.

The New York news of the morning is that two improvised grenades exploded in front of the building that houses the British consulate very early this morning. Nobody was hurt. I don't know what to say about it. I'm glad nobody was hurt, and disturbed that explosive devices are being detonated in New York. My approach to the news (and I'm probably not alone among New Yorkers) since September 11 is one of wariness.

When I wake up in the morning and listen to the news headlines on the radio I'm always relieved that nothing especially tragic happened in the city since I went to bed. When I get to work and turn on my work computer and read the Times, I'm a bit relieved nothing tragic happened during my commute. Ditto when I come back from lunch. That's how it is now.

Anyway, I've been busy this week at Esquire. We are working on the July issue. In addition to that I have several freelance writing ideas I'd like to work on but it's been tough finding the time. You know the deal.

Last night I went to the dojo and helped out judging at an inter-dojo tournament we had. I hadn't been to karate since the previous Wednesday because of my out-of-town guest. It was fun, although for me it was work. I was busy adding up judges' scores for the kata competition. Everybody did well.

(Somebody just buzzed my buzzer. I went out to the front door but nobody was there. It might have been a meter reader or FedEx guy. Some people will buzz every buzzer in a building until they get some attention. Others buzz once and then immediately flee.)

The week has gone by quickly. I can't believe it's already Thursday. The weather has been generally sunny and clear but also rather cool. I hope it's nice this weekend because I feel like doing something outdoorsy, though I don't know what.

In other news, I've had a cell phone for almost two weeks now, and I must say I like the thing. I hardly ever use it, but I find it very convenient when I do. I also think it's a handsome-looking phone. It's a Nokia 3120.

I haven't had any celebrity sightings since Randy Johnson last week.


Blogger Jenn said...

The forecast for Sunday depends on who you ask.
New York One predicts a high of 73 degrees and mostly sunny skies. forecasts a high of just 58 degrees. I'm putting my faith and hope in Pat Kiernan (but I'm not putting my money on his forecast).

3:09 PM  

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