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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tuesday Muffin

It's Tuesday and I've just come back from my walk of shame to the 55th Street building to turn in my freelance timesheet and those of my colleagues Anna and Robert. On the way back I bought a bagel and a blueberry muffin from the snack nook guy in our building. We've got a new guy now. Babu had been our guy for a long time but he's gone now. I don't know the new guy's name.

It's a sunny and beautiful day here in New York City, maybe a few degrees cooler than usual. It's going to be hard to concentrate here at work though, because there's a construction crew climbing all over the scaffolding outside our windows using very loud power tools to clean the building's facade. The workers appear to be from Latin American countries. They have scarves covering their faces so they don't inhale whatever particles they are blasting off the building. The scarves kind of make them look like Middle Eastern men.

This morning's commute was mostly uneventful and my walk of shame was fine too. People on the streets seem to be doing okay. A bum tried to hook me with his hard-luck story but I didn't have time for it. I still haven't received my paycheck from the week ending April 15, so if anyone from Career Blazers payroll administration is reading this, please send me my damn money. That is what you do, right? The payroll admin professionals?

Things are starting to get pretty busy at work with the July issue. I've got several articles to work on. I've also got a Star-Ledger story due at the end of the week. I've got two interviews done already, although both of them are nearly incomprehensible. My third source hasn't called back yet. I'll make one more attempt, and if I still don't get a call back, well, as they say in Greek . . .

I'd better get to work on my various assignments, so I'll sign off, eat my muffin, and get moving.


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